TreeTruck for treeworkers

The TreeTruck, in combination with the Haecksler compact woodchipper, is the ideal solution for efficient
evacuation of branches and logs in arborism and treeworking.

Load branches and bring large quantities to your woodchipper.
1x with the TreeTruck vs. 15x dragging branches.
Chipping directly in the premounted Chipperbag© and bring 150 kg/335 ltr. of chips to your trailer.
Transport logs up to 5 meter of length by just one person. In perfect balance.
Enormous loading capacity up to 750 kg.

Trunks up to 5 meters length can be moved easily by just one person due to a perfect balance and rigid construction.
Trees for planting can be lifted up, transported to the plant-hole and easily be slid down onto its place. All by just one person and without effort.

TreeTruck – Tech specs

The treeworkers indestructable tool
Assembly within the minute
Height grips adjustable
Capacity 750 kg
Max. trunk length 4,5 m
Quantity branches 3 stacked m3
Weight 45 kg


Length 180 cm – 220 cm
Width 74 cm
Frameheight 64 cm
Length loading cage 67 cm
All terrain tires 40 cm – width 17 cm