The TreeTruck can be charged heavily but still stay very manouvrable thanks to the broad all-terrain tires and the wide handle-bar. This ergonomic way of working is saving lots of time but it also prevents body wear.

Transporting branches on the Tree Truck and placing it in front of the chipper enabels the user to load in to the woodchipper at waist level.

The extenders can be positioned in a wide angle which enables to load and transport up to 4 m3 of branches.

Firewood can be driven to its drying place in large quantities.

The 335-liter Chipperbag enables to move wood chips in large quantities. The user keeps foot on the ground and can push backwards up the ramp the TreeTruck with relative little effort. The wide all-terrain tires ensure that the load can be driven to the front of the trailer over the already deposited chips.The Tree Truck is set vertically and the Chipperbag is held and lifted upward while the Tree Truck is placed back in horizontal position. Meanwhile, the chips are released and you’re ready for a new load of chips.

TreeTruck can effortlesly be used for transporting and correctly postioning young trees.